¿Pactar? Para qué.

Los nacionalistas nunca dan un paso atrás. Nunca. Son incansables, como todos los que tienen fe. Es lo que tiene la religión, que nos llena la cabeza de mandatos y todo lo demás pasa a ser accesorio. La vida se convierte en una constante solución táctica dirigida a la consecución del paraíso: la nación encarnada, personificación de los que entrarán en el reino de los cielos.

No han pasado ni unos días desde el referéndum escocés y Alex Salmond ha dicho esto a Sky News:

«… In terms of the referendum, my only regret is that Scotland didn’t seize this extraordinary opportunity to vote ourselves to independence and a better future but you know, politics is always something that keeps moving Dermot and I think even in that last 48 hours we see that new opportunities for Scotland are developing as the Westminster gang start to renege on the solemn vows they made during the campaign. »

«… So I think we have to rally Scotland to make sure they guard and enforce the promises that were made.  I think the guardians of Scotland however are not the Westminster politicians, not even the Holyrood politicians, the guardians of this country are the tens of thousands of people who have engaged in politics for the first time in this extraordinary, wonderful act of empowering campaign.  These people are the guardians of Scotland.»

«I mean my view on the referendum, it’s my personal view, is it is something you have in that once in a generation but of course there are many routes to independence.  I mean the referendum route was one of my choosing, it was my policy, I thought that was the right way to proceed but of course there are a whole range of ways Scotland can improve its position in pursuit of Scottish independence.»

«…  I think Scots of my generation and above should really be looking at themselves in the mirror and wonder if we by majority, as a result of our decision, have actually impeded progress for the next generation which is something no generation should do. »

«There are a number of political opportunities coming up Dermot.  You know, for many, many years a referendum route wasn’t the chosen route of the Scottish National Party of Scotland, I think a referendum has proven itself to be a wonderful thing, a wonderful participative, enabling, empowering thing.  I think referendums are great, they have been my policy and even I have been surprised by an 85% poll and the degree of public engagement but of course for many years there was a gradual attitude to independence, that is to say you establish a parliament, you establish successfully more powers until you have a situation where you’re independent in all but name and then presumably you declare yourself to be independent, many countries have proceeded through that route.  There is a parliamentary route where people can make their voice heard as well so a referendum is only one of a number of routes.  I think it’s the best route incidentally, that’s always been my opinion but my opinion is only one of many.  What we have learnt from this process over these last few weeks is the power of a grassroots campaign, a campaign of the people, of tens of thousands of people engaging in politics and a lot of politicians – myself included – are going to have to get used to that new reality.  At least I understand that new reality, David Miliband – sorry, Ed Miliband and David Cameron, I don’t think they even understand the question, never understand that reality.»

«… but if these people actually believe that Scotland is going to accept a log jam at Westminster as a reason or a pretext for reneging on a solemn vow then I think they’ve got another think coming.»

«… I’m not concerned about who’s up and who’s down, what I’m concerned is whether solemn vows, promises and commitments to the Scottish people are going to be kept.»

«… it is going to be dominated by the huge movement of wish and aspiration and hope for a better life and a better society that we saw in this referendum campaign in Scotland and the 1.6 million people who voted that way, and the majority, very substantial majority in some age groups who voted yes up to the ages of 55 and I think people like me, my generation, will indeed contemplate whether we were a blockage to that aspiration of the younger generation.»

Ni agua. No hay que darles ni agua. Por desleales y tramposos.