Once años tenían las hermanas Eva y Miriam Kor




I was no longer a child.




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  1. Sin duda es la descripción del destino de niños y bebés en los campos de concentración una de las partes más duras y tristes. Otra lectura reciente y recomendable sobre el tema: http://tabletmag.com/jewish-arts-and-culture/books/190260/reading-about-the-shoah.

    Aquí un extracto:

    «Wachsmann’s discussion of the fate of children in the camps is the hardest to endure. Here we read about the special barrack in Majdanek for children and babies. The SS regularly emptied the barrack, sending the children to the gas chamber. “The children screamed and did not want to go,” the Majdanek survivor Henrika Mitron remembered. On the way to Auschwitz, Wachsmann writes, another child, “little Samuel Langfus sobbed inconsolably, screaming again and again: ‘I want to live!’ ” At Auschwitz, the Jewish prisoner doctor Olga Lengyel, whose own children had already died in the gas chambers, sometimes killed newborn babies so that their mothers would be spared death, instead of being murdered along with their infants. “And so, the Germans succeeded in making murderers of even us,” Lengyel wrote after the war. “To this day the picture of those murdered babies haunts me.” Cases like Lengyel’s remind us why the camps were so immensely cruel: They made the victims, not just the perpetrators, guilty of savage acts».

  2. Lo escribo por aquí porque no veo otrro medio de contacto con el autor del blog y me gustaría saber su opinión sobre este tema

    Lo que titula El País: La justicia europea avala prohibir a los homosexuales que donen sangre

    A otros se le va la pinza más https://twitter.com/andaluciainf/status/593434965775392769

    La sentencia

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